About us

Global Innovations International is a leading name in Travel and Tourism Technology with a proven track record of over 10+ years. We have been consistently adding value to the business bottom line. We not only help our clients to substantially bring down their costs, but also improve their business processes to get the most out of the flat world dynmics.

Global Innovations International offers turnkey software solutions & services to the travel & Tourism Trade.

Global Innovations provides a wide array of software services within the models of Travel Technology, onsite and combinations of the two. These services are offered on the broad and comprehensive foundation of our Innovative Delivery Model. Our proven and demonstrable track record empowers us to deliver value in each engagement, a fact substantiated by our ever-increasing client base. Our operational excellence ensures that each dollar that our clients spend on engagement with us provides them an enhanced ROI, which is both tangible and measurable. This win-win proposition has enabled us to grow at a phenomenal rate surpassing most industry standards.